TradeRiser works quickly to answer all of your statistical market questions. Speed up your research production cycle.


TradeRiser lets you conduct statistical forms of research through the power of natural language querying. This natural approach to the financial markets will enable you to test more trading ideas and explore the market with ease.


Current financial market report creation, often takes multiple steps. Data sourcing, data ingestion, data cleansing, computation and report creation. TradeRiser allows you to research through a single step process, "just ask".

Discover how TradeRiser can empower your Research

Success in the financial markets is increasingly about great technology. With a research assistant you will be empowered in your trading and market knowledge. Explore ideas never thought possible all with the power of natural language and artificial intelligence.



  Natural Language Processing

In the wider industry natural language processing is huge problem to tackle but at TradeRiser we have developed our own proprietary natural language framework, specifically geared towards the financial industry. With this we are able to provide an initiative user friendly experience through the TradeRiser platform. Users of TradeRiser can simply query or ask questions about the financial markets and TradeRiser generates answer report.

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings a great degree of automony in computing processes. TradeRiser leverages this in several places of its technology stack, in order to deliver smarter results and an enriched user experience.

 Big Data

Global financial market data is inheritly "Big Data" by nature. As engineers we appreciate the challenges associated with that and have adopted various technologies behind the sences to manage and handle ever increasing data sets, whether structured or unstructured data. Our data infrastructure is built to deliver speed, reliability and stability using a combination of established database technologies and custom data stores.

 Parallel Computing

TradeRiser is utilises the best of parallel computing techniques in order to achieve high performance computing. Our developers understand and are continously optimizing those parts of complex computations that will run best as parallel processes. The benefit to the end users is improved data access and enhanced productivity.


Our platform will be supported by an ecosystem of analyst power by the blockchain. The blockchain will also be at the heart of our research marketplace.


Dennis Owusu-Ansah

CEO & Founder
Dennis has 10 years of experience in software development and data analytics. He has worked for companies whose clients include the financial institutions, providing them with analytical software tools. He holds a BEng degree in Computer systems from Brunel University, London. He also studied natural language processing and is the creator of the Research Assistant.

Poly Aparku

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Poly has years of experience developing, integrating, and supporting large data systems in the consumer retail sector. He holds a BEng from Brunel University, London. He has led many development teams and has immersed himself in data focussed projects.

Baltazar Bieniek

Data Scientist & Co-Founder
Baltazar has years of experience in large dataset analytics and machine learning. He has a degree in machine learning from the Military University of Technology Warsaw, Poland. He has worked for major financial institutions as a Quant Researcher.

Rocky Asante

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder
Rocky has years of experience as in UI/UX development and managing several teams of developers. He holds a computer science degree from University of Coventry. He oversees user experience, user interaction, and API development.


Luca Zaccagnino

CFA, Investor, Former Business Consultant at RBS Bank

Jude Addo

Director of Private Banking at Standard Chartered Bank, Former Analyst at JP Morgan

Professor Tatiana Kalganova

Reader in Intelligent Systems, Senior Lecturer at Brunel University

Thomas Wicka

Managing Director at Llyods Banking Group


Samuel Morton

Senior Trader

Charles M

Forex and Economic Analyst

Levent Yilmaz

Trading Consultant

Trevor Neil

Technical Analyst

Aleksandar Djajic

Senior fx dealer, trader and stock broker

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