We designed TradeRiser our Research Assistant to solve problems faced by market research teams, within brokers and financial institutions.
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We understand the challenges faced by brokers and their desire to grow. Growth however relies on traders feeling confident about their strategies and overall global market knowledge.

TradeRiser is the ultimate tool that will empower your market search team, as they discover and explore new strategies with the power of natural language.

Partner with us to deliver your market data as insightful trading opportunities.


Why Traderiser?

The Future of Trading Research Technology.

TradeRiser allows users to work fast and conveniently.

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Financial services professionals can use TradeRiser to take action on early market moving information, to gather information from non-traditional sources, and to conduct deeper research in a natural way from a perspective and timeliness that only TradeRiser and our unique technology stack can provide.

TradeRiser can deliver a relevant stream of content to financial professionals based upon their personalized configured portfolio of tickers, sectors and macro topics. This provides financial users with a new source of key insights.