Natural Language Processing

In the wider industry natural language processing is huge problem to tackle but at TradeRiser we have developed our own proprietary natural language framework,
specifically geared towards the financial industry. With this we are able to provide an initiative user friendly experience through the TradeRiser platform.
Users of TradeRiser can simply query or ask questions about the financial markets and TradeRiser generates answer report.

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings a great degree of automony in computing processes.
TradeRiser leverages this in several places of its technology stack, in order to deliver smarter results and an enriched user experience.

 Big Data

Global financial market data is inheritly "Big Data" by nature.
As engineers we appreciate the challenges associated with that and have adopted various technologies behind the sences to
manage and handle ever increasing data sets, whether structured or unstructured data. Our data infrastructure is built to deliver speed,
reliability and stability using a combination of established database technologies and custom data stores.

 Parallel Computing

TradeRiser is utilises the best of parallel computing techniques in order to achieve high performance computing.
Our developers understand and are continously optimizing those parts of complex computations that will run best as parallel processes.
The benefit to the end users is improved data access and enhanced productivity.